The Labor Party to advocate for a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption .

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Recent unresolved federal political issues concerning possible conflicts of interest and corruption are undermining the confidence of the Australian public and damaging our democracy.Examples are

* $444 million contract to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

* $423 million contract to Paladin to manage Manus Island

* Federal MP Barnaby Joyce’s approval of $80 million water buy back from company linked to MP Angus Taylor

* MP Angus Taylor involved in alleged clearing of grasslands by Jam Pty Ltd

* Federal MP Stuart Robert awarded federal Government IT contracts worth $16.5 million when MP

*Ex MP Christopher Pyne linked to defence contracts through global consulting company EY

* EX MP Julia Bishop appointed to board of global consulting group Palladium which has federal Government contracts

* Reluctant Banking Royal Commission and limited terms of reference.

If corruption issues and conflict of interest matters are not kept in check at a federal level then we will experience endemic levels of corruption at state and local government levels of government and in our society generally.