Enforce secularism in our government and judiciary.

Enforce secularism in our government and judiciary.

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Edward Wechner started this petition to The Australian Governmnet

Secularism, according to the Cambridge dictionary means: “not having any connection with religion”. Our government's interpretation of secularism is: “Give all religions the power to control the lives of our predominantly atheistic society”. Separation of church and state is not very effective if the government is more dogmatic about religion than the church itself.

Galileo was nearly burned at the stake for proving that the stories of the Bible are not true. Not much has changed since the time of Galileo, our country, in the twenty-first century, is still run by a religious regime that puts dark superstition above verifiable facts. This is very evident from my correspondence with the Attorney-General's Department, below.


25 January 2021

Mr A Howley


Human Rights Unit

Attorney-General's Department

Australian Government

PO Box 6500 Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Mr Howley

Thank you for your response to my email to the Attorney General, 22 January 2021. I share the Australian Governments commitment to traditional rights, liberties and freedom of religion, but not the right to commit crimes in the name of religion.

The population of our country ranks amongst the least religious people on earth, but sadly this is not reflected in our government. Our government consist of candidates who are entirely pre-selected by a political party, and not the people. The candidates of the Chinese government are also pre-selected by the political party and not the people. But, the big difference is, the Chinese government has an approval rating of 85%, because they legislate with consultation of the people, whereas our government, no matter which party is in charge, has at best just half the approval rating, because they legislate on the basis of their party dogmas, without consulting the people.

Our government claims to be a secular democracy, but at a closer inspection it is very evident that it indeed acts more like a totalitarian religious regime, just to pander to some insignificant minority groups. For example the government circumvents our animal cruelty laws by legitimising the gruesome animal torture of Halal slaughter, in violation of our laws, in violation of our constitution and in violation of the will of our people.

An even greater violation of our bogus secularism is that we deny our children the right to a proper education. This is a most severe human rights violation and can never be justified by the term “freely exercising any religion”. Children are not born religious, religion is forced upon them with the explicit approval of our government. The children will be free to chose and exercise any religion they like as soon as they reach their age of consent. Fortunately the evidence shows that with a proper education they will not do so, with the exception of some intellectually disadvantage ones. It is very evident that the survival of religions does depend on forcing their dogmas onto innocent children and we must not support that.

We have stopped burning witches because we value our “human values” more than the fictitious religious dogmas that were invented by evil organisations to control the minds of people. Consequently, some forward looking democracies like Austria and Denmark do close their religious schools, Denmark even reserves the right to remove children from parents in order to protect them from the scourge of a religious indoctrination. It is wrong to deny children access to the teachings of Galileo, Darwin and Einstein and instead indoctrinating them with the fallacy of a flat earth and the requirement to hate the Kafir.

I repeat my request to the Attorney General, to introduce a bill into parliament with the objective to reform our government in line with the twenty-first century mentality of the Australian people, and close all religious schools. I contend that, given the partisan makeup of our parliament that does not represent the people, the bill is not likely to pass. But, putting the case properly to the people in a referendum, there is no doubt at all that the Australian people will vote for it. Tolerance towards child abuse is not righteous, it is criminal, and must not be supported by the Human Rights Unit of the Attorney General.

Yours sincerely

Edward Wechner

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