We need a register for perpetrators who commit acts of domestic violence

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My name is Jane Power and I am a very grateful survivor of domestic violence. I am appealing to all Australians to support this petition. Domestic violence continues to be a major problem we still encounter today in Australia and the world. I believe that in the interest of saving people's lives and helping to curb a problem of such epidemic proportions that we need to follow in the footsteps of other countries such as the US and set up a domestic violence perpetrator register that is accessible to the public. Due to the fact that perpetrators of domestic violence tend to be repeat offenders, a register like this would be able to warn people when they initially start dating someone and provide some information about the perpetrator's history of offending - something that perpetrators are generally very skilled at concealing. Once people have this information, they will then have a choice to stop all contact before the perpetrator gets their hooks in and is able to manipulate them and start the cycle of abuse. This will in turn also provide protection for children who may otherwise be placed at risk of harm. Having a register for perpetrators that is accessible to the public will help in the following areas:

- help to combat the problem of domestic violence by sending a clear message that if you perpetrate there will be consequences and it will become public knowledge

- lower the incidence of admissions for mental health conditions and physical injuries caused by domestic violence

- help to save many lives - through reducing both the risk of murders and suicides

- help to reduce the demand on services such as refuges, the police, ambulance and hospitals 

- reduce the risk of substance abuse (people who are suffering in dv relationships may use this as an escape and a way of coping)

- reduce the risk of harm to children and the need for child safety involvement

- lower the incidence of homelessness in Australia i.e. women fleeing dangerous situations.

Please support this cause as it will help to lead to a better future and a higher level of safety for women, men, children and families in Australia.