Transporting Water Across Australia

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Short Version

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Australia is a land of drought and flood. NSW is experiencing one its worst droughts in history, with towns on the verge of running out of water. This drought was caused by hot, dry summers with a lack of rainfall. Other parts of Australia are experiencing higher than average rainfalls, and in some places floods. So, as some places have too much water, and others don't have enough, there should be some kind of system of transporting water across the country. 


Long version

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As of May, 2019, drought in New South Wales is expected to worsen over the next few months. With towns running out of water, and Greater Sydney's damn nearing the 50% mark, New South Wales is in dire need of water. However, the situation isn't the same across the entire country. In January 2019, North Queensland experienced significant floods, and the excess water was causing havoc across North Queensland. Other parts of Australia have sufficient, if not, excess water. Whilst this is the current situation in Australia, there other times when NSW has adequate water supplies, when the rest of the country is in drought. So taking this into account, there needs to be a system of transporting water across the country. In 2016, India sent a train from places suffering from drought, and wish to do more to transport water.

If India can transport water across their country, Australia has no excuse! There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for lack of a water transport system, and Australia needs to implement one urgently, before the drought situation becomes dire. All the political parties need to put their differences aside and create a water transport system, urgently! Transporting water across the continent will simultaneously solve both issues, too much water, and not enough! Transport water across Australia now!