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Change the official name of Dollars to "Dollarydoos"

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The typical term 'dollar' has been around for centuries now, and has a very boring sound to it - sure, having 100 million dollars is great, but it sounds boring. Dollarydoo puts a fun twist on the typical name and makes everything sound better:


Doesn't that sound great? As Australians, we're always 'taking the piss' out of other countries that do not understand our culture. The Simpsons, an American television comedy cartoon created by Matt Groening, portrays every Australian as a "crocodile dundee", with the strong accent and loose clothing, featured in Season 6, episode 17 - "Bart vs. Australia".

This being said, overseas countires would be able to laugh at and fulfull the stereotype that has been placed on Australians...'If you cant beat them, join them!'.


In basic terms:

$1 (Dollar) = $1 (Dollarydoo).

$10 (Dollars) = $10 (Dollarydoos)

The iconic 'AUD' does not necessarily have to be changed, however options to replace it could be:

* DRD ( Dollarydoos )

* ADD ( Australian Dollarydoo - Not to be confused with the mental disability).

* Any other suggestion are welcome.

It is understandable that changing the name of the official currency is a huge feat to attempt, but by adding a fun twist to the otherwise boring name, Australia can diversify itself from other countries, making us stand out amongst "the crowd" and being acknowledged as more of an easy-going country, living up to the expectations of your 'typical Aussie'.



Please take this seriously and consider!



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