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Stop the removal of children and 4 stolen generation

To Stop the government sanctioned removal of children into state care without evidentiary factual proof or wrong doing IE abuse neglect. etc. therefore perportrating a generational pattern of insecurity, fear, resentment contempt in many cases fulfilling the forcast quota of persons to need incarcerating at some point in their future.
which in turn afore or aft is a governemnt sanctioned pattern of abused children .toperpetuate and internal industry of such abuse = to abusers.

There is another stolen generation in motion in australia , (1) indegenous children
(2) the child migrants (3) the enforced removal of newborns from unwed mothers . (4) the removal of children from parents , carers , who stand up to the government department sworn to protect children, only to in many cases have their childs(rens's) innoscence mascerated along with their trust of adults . Because = they may have asked for support during a time of duress or gone through official channels to protect their child (ren) because of abuse .Only to have the child(ren) removed and with the said departments support the child (ren) placed in the path of danger with the abuser..whilst damning the protective parent /carer.
should the worst scenario then take place they then place the blame at the foot of the protective person =
whilst there is need for an agency to protect children , the rot has to be removed and exorcised and power removed from what is a sham and travesty of public trust in the current status quo.

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