Save the Koalas!

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Australia is facing one of its history's darkest hours: record-breaking droughts and brushfires across the continent. These fires have slain more than 1,000 koalas and have razed 80% of their natural habitat. This tragedy has lead to the functional extinction of koala bears. Functional extinction is when a species becomes so finite that it becomes unnecessary to the environment and significantly more prone to sickness.

One of the effects of these fires is the destruction of the koalas' main nutrient source, the eucalyptus tree. A fully grown koala can eat up to 2 pounds of eucalyptus leaves every day, which makes up most of its nutrients. Despite the fact that these plants can regrow after being burned down, the months it takes to complete this task often leads to the starvation of many koala bears.

If our furry friends are going to survive this massacre, they need our help. In 2016 the Koala Protection Act was introduced. This bill was styled after the United States' Bald Eagle Protection Act but was never put into place. If passed, it can provide protection for trees and habitats crucial for the koalas' survival as well as a ban against hunting koalas themselves. By signing this petition, you will be helping to pass the Koala Protection Act and save thousands of koalas for generations to come.