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Make a 3 dollar Australian coin with the White Ibis on it.

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It has been more than a quarter century since the production of Australian 1 cent and 2 cent coin has stopped, and nothing has changed with the currency altogether since then. There must be a change soon.

Other countries have been frequently updating their coins recently and it's time for Australia to finally make a change as well. 

It may not seem like much, but in fact , introducing a three dollar coin would be extremely helpful to a lot of people, it would help a lot of businesses that mainly sell things under $10 because change would be a lot easier to give. When purchasing something for $3, instead of searching around for both a $1 and a $2 coin, you can simply whip out your new trusty three dollar coin and there would be no fuss.

There would also be no worry about extra cost, as the coin would cost around 6 cents to make and would weigh only around a bit less than 20 milligrams.

The Ibis White bird is one of Australia's most beloved animals and would be the top candidate for the 3 dollar coin animal. The White Ibis is currently in the lead in the Australian bird of the year competition with the Magpie behind by over 4,000 votes. The Australians have made their choice and think the White Ibis is simply the best Australian bird.

The White Ibis is truly an elegant bird, superior to any other bird that dares to stand in it's way and completely deserves to bestow the honour of being put onto a new coin.

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