Health outcomes of the vaccinated and unvaccinated population.

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We the undersigned demand that the Australian Government allow and enable an independent study into the health outcomes of the vaccinated population compared to the unvaccinated population.

We understand that the government, via the health department, are in possession of most of the Australian population’s health records. Whether this is by way of the “My Health Record” system or through the $50k kick back system that 9 out of 10 GP’s are now participating in, we know you have detailed health records on the good majority of the population.

In the past we have heard individuals within the industry claim that this type of study would be “unethical” because it would require denying some participants the right to vaccinations. We now live in a time where many individuals have made that “unethical choice” for themselves or their children, therefore rendering this excuse null and void.

Whether pro vaxx or anti vaxx it is clear that both sides believe their chosen path was the best for their own, or their child’s, health outcomes and we would like to put this argument to bed by fully disclosing the health outcomes of both vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens.

This study MUST be overseen by an independent body with no government association and no pharmaceutical association or influence. Thus ensuring the integrity of the use of the available data.

From this study we would like to know the vaccine status of each subject. Whether partially or fully vaccinated as well as which vaccines the recipient did or did not receive. Along with this information we need to know ALL health outcomes and not just the ones the government feel relevant. These should include but not be limited to mental health issues such as autism or ADHD as well as physical conditions encompassing autoimmune disorders, cancers and leukaemia.

There can be no reason why you would not conduct this study apart from wanting to hide the truth from the public. Should there be obvious advantages to being fully vaccinated then this will become obvious with the outcome of this study and put at rest, once and for all, that vaccinations are a healthy choice. It will also allow the Australian public to see that the payment of billions of tax payer dollars to pharmaceutical companies has been a useful investment of our money.

We the undersigned come from both sides of the argument as we are both interested to know the figures and both very keen to prove our argument.