"Detention Centres", Australia's greatest failure

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Australian has been dealing with asylum seekers and refugees for a long time. With the current Immigration Detention Laws, a time for change and action has come, to review these laws and change it for the better.  

Australia requires law reform as it heavily breaches Australia's international human rights obligations where Australia expresses obligations towards immigration, refugees and asylum seekers. Along with this, they face indefinite and arbitrary detention where asylum seekers are unable to seek judicial review of whether or not their detention is arbitrary or not.

Within the change, we hope to reduce the time a person can be detained (preferably a year or less), the ability to seek judicial review and should only be detained if they are assessed as a threat towards the community. With these conditions, Australia's international human right obligations won't be breached and will assist in detainee's physical and mental health. 

Please, sign our petition and help us make their lives better. From us. For them.