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Criminalise fake pockets on women's clothing

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Every woman (and some men) has been in this position before. You go to the shops, you see a cute pair of jeans and you think 'Yes, exactly what I've been looking for!'. You try them on, and they fit perfectly! You look so good, and you go to slide your hands into the back pockets when - all of a sudden - your fingers meet resistance where there is supposed to be a hole, and you realise that they've done it again. Fake pockets. You check the front ones, fruitlessly, to see if they're real even though you already know they won't be. You take the jeans back to the rack and you check through all the ones in the store and yep, they're all exactly the same. Fake pockets. And on the off-occasion they do have pockets, they're too small for anything to fit!

Does the fashion industry understand the pain and inconvenience they are causing women everywhere? Fake jacket pockets, fake blazer pockets, fake pant pockets, even some fake shirt pockets. Where are we supposed to keep our phones? Our opal cards? Our keys? You may say "in a bag", but wouldn't it be nice if that weren't necessary? Why should we be forced into carrying bags and purses everywhere when men get to shove all their items into massive, Mary Poppins'-like cavities within their clothing? And it doesn't just effect women either. There have been multiple times when I have had to ask my male friends to store my phone and other small items in their pockets because I haven't had any space in mine (or haven't had any period). It would be a better world for everyone if the fashion industry would just promote the production of real, tangible, workable pockets in women's clothing.

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