Climate Change and Australia

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We seek your help in signing this petition to the Australian Government to make them wake up! They are failing their region...and the world. Just put your name, and if in Australia, your postcode.

Dear Leaders of Australia,

We write as ordinary Australian citizens who have become very worried about world-wide climate change. We are worried about the future of our children and further generations. Even our children themselves are asking what we are doing about climate change. As we list below, many changes are now measured and we believe that no sensible person can disbelieve that climate change is real and that we are a major part of the cause. Yet we see no clear policies from you. This is a failure of leadership. 

This is both a practical problem and also a moral issue, in which we as a wealthy and heavily polluting nation per person, should be taking a lead in our region. We are not.   

You, our political leaders, have remained lagging and indecisive. You are failing us, and we believe will be personally held accountable into the future. 

We write to ask that you put aside party politics and personal ambition, and jointly develop policies with other political parties and industry and agriculture to help us play our part in avoiding this rapidly accelerating danger to ourselves and to all life on this planet.

We sign ourselves as the Lilliputians...the small people of Australia and the World

Science now tells us that since industrialization there is:-Measured increase in atmospheric CO2 (up by over 45%), an important part of the atmospheric 'blanket' that keeps earth warm;  Measured increase in world surface temperature (up by 1 degree and rising);  Measured higher sea water temperatures resulting in increasing world-wide coral reef bleaching (including  the Great Barrier Reef);  Measured increase in sea water acidity (due to CO2 absorbtion);   Increased droughts and hotter periods in Australia and world-wide;  Increased severity of weather event such as cyclones;  Measured reduction in Arctic ice;  Increased melt of glaciers in Greenland and both West and East Antarctic (gravity measures by satellite);  Measured sea level  change (by both gauges and satellite) showing a steep rise of 10 cm since 1970.