The Australian Government Must Change Their Policy on Asylum Seekers.

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After reading my information report, and seeing my other pieces of evidence, you may have noticed that Australia's refugee policies were a prominent feature in the breaches of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To prevent further policies breaching the rights of the poor people escaping awful conditions, it is essential that the government abandons the current policies. The major problem is that both the Liberal National Party (LNP) and the Australian Labor Party (ALP). agree with the boat turn-back policy that Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison implemented shortly after the 2013 election. However, the blame does not just sit on the LNP. When Kevin Rudd implemented the Pacific Solution, asylum seekers were settled in off shore detention centres in Nauru, Christmas Island and Manus Island. The major problem was and still is that they are just sent there,without a proper trial. As you have seen, this is not the only right that was breached. I believe that a change of policy must be implemented, with asylum seekers being settled in Australia, being initially based in country towns, which could possibly improve the local economy. To ensure that they can participate in the work force, and find jobs, education of the English language should be taught to an extent, if refugees struggle with picking up the language. After this education, refugees could pick up jobs, and ultimately earn enough money to move to cities, if they wish to do so. I acknowledge that this policy would cost a lot to implement; but in the interest of the full implementation of human rights, and the benefits in both the economy and revenue from taxation, this policy is worth at least consideration.

I am asking you to sign this petition, so the government can consider a change of policy. Even if this is raised in Parliament by an MP or senator. Please go ahead and sign.