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Stop Paying Tax Until Adani's "Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project" is shelved for good.

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This project is tremendously irresponsible from an environmental perspective, financial perspective and helps only the individuals who are attempting to enable this ridiculous project.


This is our money that is being used to endanger our water supply, degrade the environment, endanger our Reef.. we as tax-payers already had 1billion dollars of our own donated to help this dubious project, even the Indian banks didn't care to pour more money into the hole. But the citizens of Australia will pay you to kick them in the groin? No thanks.

You cannot imprison us all, only a small % of us need to do this for it to work. A few percent would be impossible to imprison. Stop feeding the beast right now.

This is the only argument money hungry/blind to the big picture types understand.

Why are we taking this lying down?

A shadowy company based in tax havens, with a horrible track record - is building a coal-mine of all things, on our great Barrier reef.. and it goes to India. This company and the very people involved have done horrific things in Africa, so we know what we are in for. 

Stand up, this bullshit going ahead should not even be a thought.

It's time to remind these small minded public servants who they work for. 

Not another cent until this entire coal mine is scrapped and shelved permanently.


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