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Lower the GST Threshold on imported goods to $0 and get the Banks (Financial Institutions) to collect the GST as the transaction takes place online so there is No cost to the Government to collect the GST.

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Is Online Overseas Purchasing affecting your business? Australian businesses are suffering and Aussies are losing their jobs due to the fact that Australians can purchase goods online and import them into Australia and if they are valued at under AUD$1000 they do not attract any Customs Document Fee, Duty or GST. Some $25,000,000 is spent on overseas online purchases every day. How much of that have you lost in sales to customers who used to buy from your business? This places Australian businesses at a huge price disadvantage when competing against overseas companies because we do have to pay and pass on those fees and the GST from the very first cent of the value. Our businesses also pay Company Tax, Personal Tax and we employ Australians who also pay income tax. Overseas companies and their employees exporting their goods into our country do not pay one cent in taxes to our Govt. Hundreds of businesses in Australia today are doing it tough and many Aussies have lost their jobs because sales are down to around 50% less than they were doing 5 years ago, mainly because of this very reason. Allowing this anomaly to continue means the Federal Government is supporting overseas companies and their employees rather than looking after their own. The simple mathematics of changing the threshold down to $0, is that Australian businesses will be put on the same playing field as the imports. Australian businesses would then be paying more GST and other taxes to the Government and more Aussies would be employed. A win, win for everyone. I have it on record that overseas companies are also prepared to falsify the invoices for goods valued over $1000 to below that amount so that it can escape the GST having to be paid. You may not know it, but if you are knowingly aware that this is happening you too are also a part of defrauding the Govt and the Australian people, so lowering the Threshold to $0 will also help eliminate the need to commit an act of fraud.


  • I urge every business owner in Australia who cares about the future of all businesses and Australian workers, plus future growth in employment opportunities in this country to sign this petition asap. I have a Federal Politician ready to table this petition once we have the numbers. If you know of people who have lost their business or jobs because of this, please forward this to them so that they too can sign the petition. I am sure all Australians will support what is best for Australian Businesses and all Aussie workers over supporting overseas companies and their employees.

  • Please sign today and then forward this request to as many people as you possibly can so that we have hundreds of thousands of signatures. Together we can make this happen.  




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Eddie Peters needs your help with “The Australian Federal Government: Lower the GST Threshold on imported goods to $0 or simply drop GST on anything under $1000 for everyone including all businesses.”. Join Eddie and 1,527 supporters today.