Finally having our Koalas officially declared Critically Endangered

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The Australian Koala has been at risk of extinction for decades.

Their gene pool has now reached the point that it can no longer sustain a healthy Koala population hence the illnesses and birth defects they suffer.

With expert information of there being only 80,000 left with 4000 per year being squashed on our roads, those figures are grim to say the least. This is not including those killed by wild dogs, Cattle, disease, continuous loss of habitat either by bulldozers or catastrophic bushfires only worsening every summer as things heat up and due to drought dry up.

Even those people who's entire reason for living is to make more money then they could ever spend in one lifetime can't even see the loss of revenue to our Tourist Industry should we lose forever this beautiful most Iconic symbol of Australia. Experts say no Koalas by 2050.

And for financial reasons except for the Tourist Industry, Governments  refuse to declare them an Endangered Species because then the clearing would have to stop legally.

Time is running out. I've been trying to win lotto for 20 years to get a huge nationwide campaign with television commercials, the works going. But only people who want a new house probably built on newly cleared land and a new car seem to win it. ??

Eventually when Koalas are extinct our nation's international reputation will be mud. An embarrassment.  As it should be.  As a nation my fellow Australians hang your heads low with shame for this selfish lack of care and pride in our beautiful and unique wildlife because for it to have come to this is nothing short of DISGUSTING....