Criminals should be stripped of their refugee status and deported!

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The photo that you can see is the photo of Zakir Mohammed - My student at Charles Sturt University and it was taken after he got bashed up by a South-Sudanese gang and had his belongings stolen! There is currently a rapidly growing wave of criminal activities by those who managed to migrating to Australia based on the claims that they are ''Refugees''. However, there is a lot of clear evidence that they are posing a serious threat to Australia as a country and to all of us as Australian citizens! The Police Finally admitted that in Victoria, the Sudanese refugees are 44 times more likely to break the law! Furthermore, they have committed 70-times more home invasions than the Australian born Youth! This must be stopped! We need to keep Australia open exclusively for the those who respect our laws! Please join me in requesting our government to deport the criminals!