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The Austin Environmental Board: Please Do Not Amend the SOS Ordindance


The Grounds Alteration project, currently before the Austin Environmental Board, is a very aggressive development and construction plan aimed at the South Hill of Barton Springs.  The plan is so aggressive and environmentally insensitive that it is now seeking to amend the SOS Ordinance that has protected the Springs for so many years.  Please let your voice be heard. Help stop the Environmental Board from amending the SOS Ordinance.


 This Current plan includes:

-       Pouring a granite pathway half way across the South Lawn

-       Pouring several concrete paths from the ticket booth to the diving board; totally destroying the current woods there in the process; and likely creating a new erosion problem. Go look at the plans the engineers have not solved this; yet they are using this incomplete plan to pressure change of the SOS Ordinance.

-       Adding more impervious cover to the Parking Lot

-       Adding Over Bright Lighting in the Pool Area


All of this falls under the purview of the Barton Springs Master Plan – Short Term Goals.


If the SOS Ordinance is amended for this project it will be a disaster for the current environment of Barton’s Springs beloved South Hill.  Even more devastating would be the dangerous precedent that such an amendment would communicate to those already eager to implement the larger construction agendas within the Long Term Goals for the Master Plan. 


The Master Plan for all its flaws is not without wisdom; for in the language of the Master Plan is a key, well thought out statement, meant to protect the Springs from the very development we are seeing proposed now. The language regarding the South Side is clear and unmistakable.

It says:
"The huge pecans on the South Lawn towering over the lush lawn is one of the most inviting vistas of Barton Springs. Because the South Lawn is such a beloved feature, care should be taken to avoid temptation to either re-imagine it or to use it to solve functional problems. (Handicapped accessibility or maintenance truck accessibility come to mind.) It is a tree-covered lawn today. It should be a tree-covered lawn going forward. It should not be a tree-covered lawn with access ways cutting through it."


Yet, the current Grounds Alteration Plans are seeking to do this very thing.

Right now we are at a critical juncture that will determine the quality of life at Barton Springs Pool for generations.


The Soul of the City is being threatened and she needs your help.


Please sign this Petition asking the Environmental Board not to approve the SOS amendment and thus prevent this unneeded, unnecessary and unwanted construction at Barton Springs.


Thank You!  

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Please Do Not Amend the SOS Ordinance. It will allow construction that will harm the environment and culture at the Pool. Thousands have spoken against this Plan. Please preserve the Park by leaving the SOS ordinance as it is. Please do not approve the amendment request. It would set a very dangerous precedent for reckless construction at that would directly effect future generations of swimmers and park goers.

As you saw yourselves at the Meeting on Feb. 6th 2013; these plans are not complete and do not comply with many necessary environmental considerations. It would be negligent to award such a plan the permissions granted through amending the SOS Ordinance. Please, your are the Environmental Board; protect the Environment of Barton Springs.

Thank You,
Brian Leonard

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