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Replace CSIRO’s sham ‘independent investigation' with a proper one

The CSIRO have recently announced an ‘independent’ investigation into allegations of workplace bullying by former employees. It is quite apparent that the CSIRO leadership does not intend for this to be a fair and transparent investigation as they will determine which submissions are forwarded to the investigator. This introduces a massive conflict of interest as senior members of CSIRO’s executive team are likely to be implicated in this investigation. Victims also expose themselves to retribution which demonstrably, the CSIRO is incapable of preventing (or unwilling to) and provides the CSIRO with an unfair legal advantage in any future legal action brought against by those providing submissions to the investigation.

This, quite frankly, appears to be a deliberate attempt on the part of the CSIRO to intimidate potential witnesses into remaining silent and bears all of the hallmarks of a Totalitarian Regime conducting a sham national election for the benefit of the international community!

This is an important issue affecting the safety and wellbeing of a large number of current and former employees of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) who have been:

* bullied, victimised, or otherwise harassed;

* had their employment terminated or been coerced into resigning under highly questionable circumstances;

* been attacked personally, professional or legally (or all 3) in disclosing matters of public interest;

* thwarted in their attempts to seek reasonable redress of their legitimate complaints against through the application of unduly obstructive administrative or legal processes and/or challenges;

* rendered incapable of gaining any form of meaningful employment as a result of severe psychological trauma, resulting in severe financial hardship to both themselves and their families;

* forced to endure life-long impairment and disability as a direct result of their employment by the CSIRO.

Do not allow the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation to yet again silence their critics through the use of a questionable investigation proces

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