Justice for Rachel Hope Evans

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This could be you,your daughter,your family member or friend.you would want justice and you would want people to care.so please sign and share thank you.my daughter didnt deserve this and nobody does in a domestic violence relationship.some girls dont make it out like my daughter.some do and are survivors.but we need to speak up for the ones without a voice anymore.My daughter was shot in the head on April 12th and died april 13th she was in a domestic violence relationship and her case was barely investigated and closed fast.we gave the detective proof her boyfriend abused her and threatened to kill her with a gun and he just wanted to rule it as a suicide so now the person who is responsible is running free and going to do this to another girl.he also threatened his ex with a gun I have messages from her because she also knows he did this.but she too scared to come forth because I see why because he got away with this.also the detective did a poor job on this case because he didnt even do any tests to check for gun residue on my daughter or his hands,didnt take his blood soaked clothes either,and the detective agreed the crime scene was compromised because he moved my daughters body so they dont even know where she was actually.also her boyfriend has changed his story just like now he posted on Facebook lies about what happened and changed his story again.him and the people there at the bonfire all said my daughter was happy so come people that is not suspicious to the police?because it has been to me and all my family and friends because that proves right there my daughter didnt kill herself because no happy person does that.with the proof we have he should held for domestic violence against my daughter and the detective didnt even really question him just got his statement and he had time to get his story straight with the people at the bonfire because hunter didn't even talk to the detective for almost 2 weeks and then when he did show up he brang a lawyer with.alot of this doesn't add up and nobody is questioning anything which is ridiculous.my daughter was planning on leaving him she told me and her friends and even hunters ex knew she was coming home.she was done being abused and I believe he couldn't handle that.he slept in front of the door so my daughter couldn't leave.he hit her,choked her,put a gun to her head and said he would kill her.what more proof do u need she didnt do this?we have messages from her and pictures she sent us showing he slept in front of the door and messages from her saying he put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her.my daughter isn't here anymore to speak out about what he did but I believe she is still speaking out through her messages about what he did and since she cant anymore I am her mother and I want charges put on him for domestic violence with a deadly weapon if u guys aren't going to charge him with murder because we have proof and ur detective doesn't even seem to care which he should because he shouldn't be allowed to threatened anyone with a gun and be free.he will do it again to another girl because he doesn't have my daughter to terrorize anymore and we need to stop this from happening to another girl.if u want to see proof the messages are on my Facebook.this happened in Talladega Alabama.first story he told me was they got in a fight at the bonfire and she went off to be alone she was gone awhile so he went looking for her found her in the car shot.then his story changed and said they were having a good time at the bonfire she was happy and she said she was happy they had a bonfire.ok so if she was happy that right there is a red flag because that means she wouldn't of killed herself.i believe his first story a little.i believe they did get in a fight after that I believe she was leaving him because she was tired of the abuse.she was planning on coming home everyone I talked to knew she was.even her work knew about the abuse and she was planning on staying with a co worker to get away from him.also if she did kill herself she would of left a note or text her family or friends.but no nothing was found.she was close to her family and she would of left something to tell us she killed herself so we wouldn't think her boyfriend did it.also the medical examiner said my daughter got shot on right side of her head my daughter is a lefty.so since he found out she a lefty from detective he wants to change it and didnt get alot of information from the detective.it feels like they are not taking this case seriously.please sign and share we have to stand up for domestic violence victims especially when they dont have a voice anymore.we have to be their voice.also none of these so called witnesses didn't hear a gun shot or the window break from the bullet?alot of things dont add up.my baby was fighting for her life and was breathing on her own most of april 12th.so she didnt do this.she just got a tattoo on march 13th and she had a puppy to care for and she has alot of family and friends.