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Review and increase the sentence of Stuart Hall for sexual abuse crimes

The sentencing of Stuart Hall to 15 months in jail for the sexual abuse of 13 girls between 9 and 17 is grossly inadequate and fails to reflect the gravity of his crimes.
He robbed them of becoming the person that they would have been and in doing so inflicted a life sentence of psychological damage which they have had to deal with.
It is in the interest of the victims to give sentencing that is appropriate to this level of psychological harm and thereby reflect both their suffering and their bravery in giving testimony.
It is in the public interest to increase the sentence in order that other victims of sexual abuse feel that they can come forward and that their suffering will be acknowledged and respected and that as a society we will not tolerate this abhorrent crime.
It is morally repugnant to give a sentence that amounts to a few weeks per victim when they are faced with a life sentence of trauma.
This petition calls for a review and increase in the sentence of Stuart Hall in acknowledgement of his crimes.

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