Utah Court's need to, Allow My one and only Child to go back to Modesto, California where He was Born and Raised

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 Utah has had My one and only Child locked up in a Rehab. Unit with NO THERAPY'S for 19 Month's... Now They have had Eric in Long Term Care for the last 6 Month's... There is NO REASON for Utah to keep Him Here...  This is a form of Money Laundering going on Here...Eric was on a Date in Salt Lake City the night of Oct.21,2012... Was sitting at a Stop Light with His date where They were rear-ended by a 20 yr. old drunk person in a stolen South Salt Lake City Police Vehicle that They were chasing at 101 MPH.... Eric suffers from a T.B.I.(Traumatic Brain Injury) as a result of Their Police chase that went Terribly Wrong...  Eric needs to be back Home, Close to His Families and Friend's, And He deserves to be treated as a Human(Not a Number) Utah Need's to Start Righting Their Wrong and Give Eric the Therapy that They have Denied Him!

I would'nt have this much trouble getting My one and only Child Home from Another Country!


This matter is so transparent that even a Cave Man or Cave Woman could see through it !!!

Call You're News Station's, Congress People, Senator's....  Utah Needs to right Their Wrong  O:-)

 It has been 24 Month's since the accident, We want to go Home...  Judge Toomey said that as soon as eric could say that He wanted to go Home, That request would be granted.... Eric is to that point, and, Now the Gaurdian says that Eric can only be transported to and from Dr. appointment's....  Utah is holding Eric against His Will.... This is a form of Money Laundering...  Too Many Injustice's in This Case...  Utah needs to wake up...  I will not faulter...  This matter needs to go before the F.B.I. for internal Investigation...