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Justice for a 15 year old sexual assault survivor.

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In 2014, I was sexually assaulted by my best friends father of 14 years. The defendent has a criminal record, multiple injuries to children, family, and friends. I immediately went to the police and filed a report. Upon doing so, I had to undergo medical treatment, costing out of pocket for STD preventatives, rape kits, and therapy. After a few months, the DNA results came in. The defendent harassed me, along with his family, showing up to my work place, passing by my house, vandalizing my personal property. I have a stack of police reports from the defendant violating his bond, but it was never revoked. In 2016, the defendent was sentenced three years in prison, where he was then released from jail a month later on a mistrial, resulting he reside back three houses away from my residence. I was refused my right to file a restraining order against him. It's now 2017 and I have not received justice for something that was proved three years ago. So many rape cases go unsolved for years, this is the issue with sexual assault laws. We need to change the punishment for these crimes. My childhood, at 15, was ripped out from under me. So many children endure the same pain. We need to stand up and make a change! Kim Ogg, and Ken Paxton can put this in motion.

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