Systemic racism and the mistreatment of Indigenous people by the RCMP and Canadas systems

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My dear friend Wyoma is in need of support right now. Both her sons, Erik and Jesse were taken from her home by the RCMP on June 1st without a warrant, which was later taped to their door.

The circumstances of their arrest make little sense. They were placed in a cell together as co-accused which further shows how their arrests didn’t make sense. From day one, Jesse, the older son was asking for help for his little brother because he could see that Erik was unwell. Jesse would pound on the cell door screaming that his little brother needed medical attention but was ignored mostly. Although vitals were taken, no further medical attention was delivered. Erik,19, passed on June 22nd, the mother was told by doctors that Erik had a lung infection, that his kidneys were failing and that his heart was enlarged. This death could have been prevented.
Erik was a boy who loved to joke around and tease people and in his mother’s words "he was the heart of the family." "When I really look at it now, he was the one that really pulled us together." I knew this young boy from when he was just a chubby little guy with the longest and thickest braids.he liked to laugh. From what I remember of him, even in the toughest of struggles he would find humour. Like many of our own, the elements in the environment that surrounds us hold situations that many times we have no control over.

This 19 year old native boy died in custody at the Edmonton remand center due to lack of medical attention.. after his home was illegally entered and he was arrested without reason. Systemic racism from beginning to end here.
What can a mother do in a situation when the police, whom she called for assistance to remove a person from her home, come back an hour later, kick in your door and with hands on their guns,  send everybody out of their home in the middle of the night... take your two sons without just cause.. and have one watch the other slowly die.. where is the justice there? They say systemic racism does not exist. This says it does.

Not only were these brothers wrongfully detained, arrested, and incarcerated but Jesse is still in custody and not only had to watch his brother’s health deteriorate in front of him, he was denied permission to attend his brother’s funeral.
Jesse had a bail hearing on July 7th that was put over for two weeks and Wyoma wasn’t permitted entry due to Covid. Everything about this is cruel.

The arresting officers, the process in which the brothers were arrested, the family being forced to leave their home, the warrant coming almost 12 hours after the RCMP illegally entered the home by kicking in the door, the change in the original charges against jesse, the false accusations against late Erik, the claim made by the RCMP that the house was under investigation for murder when no murder took place, the Edmonton Remand Center and their disregard for the health of Erik, the ignoring Jesse's pleas for help, failing to take Erik's medical issues seriously, the guards mocking these two boys in custody, ERC guards and medical staff failing to provide proper medical attention to Erik which could have prevented his death, refusing the human rights of these two boys, failing to respect the indigenous culture in respect to Erik's death, refusing Jesse permission to attend his younger brothers funeral and participate in any part of the ceremony after forcing him to watch his little brother slowly die, all needs to be thoroughly and independently investigated. To acknowledge, that in Canada the RCMP and corrections canada treat indigenous people less than human. They should not have the right to attend a call at a home to remove someone, and come back an hour later to kick in doors, make accusations, arrests and send elders and children out in the middle of the night with nowhere to go. What happened after the RCMP left with the person they came to remove, within that hour, that they had to come back and make arrests for charges that were not real and are not the charges in court against jesse now? Why did they say the house was under investigation for murder when no murder took place? Everything about this case is questionable and cruel, from their conduct, events that took place, the process of arrest, holding two alleged co-accused in the same cell, the medical care, everything needs to be investigated here. This death could have been prevented and we all know this is a daily occurrence when you are Indigenous and in Canada.


Erik Cabry died June 22nd in hospital, he had been in police custody since June 1st with his brother Jesse. They had both been wrongfully detained, arrested, and incarcerated in the same cell together. Jesse is still in custody and not only had to experience being wrongfully incarcerated, he watched his little brother slowly die in front of him, despite his pleas to the corrections guards, and was then denied permission to attend his little brothers funeral.

This family needs justice.
Jesse needs to be released.
This family needs to be reunited.
The RCMP and Edmonton remand center need to be held accountable.
This needs to reach the attorney general of canada, solicitor general of alberta, the first nations minister.
Let's bring it to all the media outlets.
Erik’s life mattered.
Jesse’s life matters.

Indigenous lives matter!!

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