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Faster Processing Times In The Family Court Of Australia

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Australia's Family Court system is letting families down because of a lack of resources and huge backlogs in cases.

Sydney has the longest delays for justice, with a 2 or 3-year delay in the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court, compared to an unimpressive 2-year wait in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.

This means that if a person files an application on 1 February 2018, they will need to wait until about 1 February 2020 to have their matter heard by a judge.

Trials can then drag on for several years more — meaning that children caught in custody disputes can grow into adults before a judge makes a ruling.

Litigants may then wait for a further, lengthy period for a judgment and final orders to be delivered.

The delays create frustration and anxiety for families already experiencing an extremely challenging time.

"I feel as though the Government doesn't appreciate the effect that this has on children and families", says Hayder Shkara, a family lawyer from Justice Family Lawyers Sydney. "

"There are communities of people dealing with severe depression as they have been alienated from their children and feel like the system has failed them."

The issues that are being determined by the court may be in relation to the financial separtion of a couple, the custody of a child, visitation rights for a certain parent, or even determining whether or not a child should be allowed to travel overseas or not.

Numbers from parliamentary sources show that over the past few years, the number of new applications filed exceeds the number of applications finalised every successive year.

This has led to a current backlog in excess of 1,500 matters, and this is expected to grow.

This petition is not to attack any of the officers of the court, the lawyers or the judges who have extremely high workloads and pressure placed on them.

This petition is to tell the Attorney General's Office that the Australian Public believe that this issue is a NATIONAL PRIORITY and that more funding needs to be injected into our courts to help speed up the processing times of these cases.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

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