Delcastle Field Hockey Team to practice on the front field at the start of school

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If you don’t  know Delcastle Field Hockey team practices over at our medical and Spanish classrooms building. This is very unsafe for us. To go over to that building we have to run. While we run cars come by flying over the bridge. Not only the bridge is uphill which causes shin splints. Also on our run there are dead animals and broken glass bottles. Due to us being student-athletes we miss to attend away games. We miss class work and possibly test/quiz. Of course student comes first. Wednesdays are the days that we make them up. Which means while the team is over there. We sometime have players running over by themselves. Now let’s talk about the field. It has hills, holes, and ant farms. It is so bad that the field has been condemned. With bad field conditions comes injuries. There is not one person on the team who you can ask that has not had some type of injury (Ankles,knees,hips,etc). Being able to practice on the front field will reduced that cause. The importance of practicing on the front field is that it is our game field. For any field hockey player from any school will all say the same thing. The grass is very thick. For our new players this makes it harder for them to dribble, pass, and drive/shoot. Lastly, we want darker colored lines. Our lines are currently yellow. This makes it harder for who we are playing against to see the lines. Some may say this is an advantage because we would get the ball when they mess up. But when we go to their schools we can see their lines with no problem. The golden rule is treat others that way you would want to be treated. So why not give them the benefit of seeing the lines. Thank you for taking your time to read this. This is something that is very important to US as a TEAM and we ask that you sign in support of us. #DelcastleFieldHockey�� #LadyCougars�