Grandfathered US in, to meet the demands for the current need of Social Workers.

Grandfathered US in, to meet the demands for the current need of Social Workers.

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This petition is asking that the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB),  consider the pandemic as a catastrophic event this is not about avoiding getting sick, this is about stabilizing the minds of millions who has been impacted by the pandemic.

Due to the current state of emergency the ASWB should allow or put in place the grandfather clause to address the growing demand of Social Worker's, who has met the following requirements: 100 hours of Supervision, 36 months field experience and 3,000 contact hours before the pandemic and for anyone who has taken the LMSW passed or failed at least once, that also should include other mental health practitioners in the field. The urgency is relevant and the need is real.

This will reduce the backlog for testing sites, as the need for MSW, LMSW and LCSW’s will grow expeditiously in the next few months or years to come. As the bar and doctors are graduating early and the bar is possibly moving forward towards a unique licensing option, why not consider this for MSW’s and LMSW’s.

As our communities, children and families are experiencing an insurmountable and overwhelming amount of loss not just businesses but, love ones, the thought of being isolated from their love ones and bargaining with the idea of, “is this real?” We are walking and working our client’s, ourselves and our families through catastrophic grief, “this is very real.”   Social distancing is becoming more isolative because the businesses that once provided comfort to others are closing and causing people who live alone to feel more lonely.  Once the air is clear agoraphobia and other related anxieties will form, a sense of fear of others, fear of going outside and it may trigger violence out of fear. This does not include individual’s with a previous diagnosis this will include even us as mental health professionals and other health care professionals.

The grief is real and relevant and we will need to be there to help our communities recover and or at lease feel a sense of normalcy again.

Please consider to expand the need to MSW's and LMSW's, throughout all states who are being impacted.  We are asking the ASWB to respond to the petition with 45 calendar days.

Peace, love and light to all stay safe!