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It is a welcome sign that two prominent business houses, namely Bajaj Auto and Parle have taken the WELCOME DECISION to not advertise on TV channels spreading hatred. We urge all the advertisers to BOYCOTT HATE MONGERS, because the history is witness that the hate ruins the whole society and does not spare anyone, however rich and high and mighty a person may be. Let us remind ourselves the unforgettable words of Pastor Martin Niemoller that he spoke on emerging from the Nazi prison: "… when they came for me, there was none left to protest". Don't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

These corporates need to recall that not long ago when Black Lives Matter movement was at its peak in the West, more than 1,000 companies had decided to boycott a section of social media platforms for their dubious stand on race.

We are aware of the background: the qualitative changes - for the worse - that have taken place in the Indian media, especially the electronic variant during the last few years. The ownership of the large media houses has become limited to a few big players. And these big corporates are not concerned with the concerns of the common people, and use the media for their own and their political masters' vested interests by focusing on non-issues and indulgence in sensationalism, false propaganda and hatred - thereby actively participating in the destruction of social unity in diversity among Indians that has existed despite any and every difference of class, caste, gender, region, religion, language, ideology or any other.

Without going back to the times when the lynching became the new political weapon - with the accused being welcomed by the ruling party leaders and even minister - during the last few months, we saw that in order to deflect attention from the catastrophe that had befallen on the people in general but migrant labor in particular because of the COVID-19 pandemic and to advance the agenda of demonizing Muslims - a la in Nazi Germany - how 'Tablighi Jamat' was willfully portrayed falsely as the 'corona jehadi' and what not . Then, we witnessed the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput being transformed into an endless 'issue', and the less said about the latest Hathras gang-rape, the better - the bizarre brazenness of hate-speech and hate-driven crime is unmistakably on the rise!


Githa Hariharan: Writer

Ram Puniyani: Historian 

Sehba Farooqui: Women Rights Activist

Prof Yashadatta Alone: Professor, JNU

Mulri Manohar Prasad Singh: Teachers Union Leader

Zoya Hasan: Academician

John Dayal: Social Activist

Apoorvanand: Professor, Delhi University

Subhash Gatade: Author and Thinker

Bhasha Singh: Journalist / Activist

Jitendra Kumar: Senior Journalist


Mahendra Mishra: Editor, Janchowk   


929 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!