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Stop student's from having thousands of dollars in student loans.

I went to The Art institute of Charlotte for two years, I needed a cosigner to attend this school and at the time had no one to do it for me. The school cosigned for me, but after one quarter I found out, it was only for the first quarter. So they blocked me from going to my classes. I had to scramble to get a cosigner, which ended up being my stepfather. But that was not the first time the school had put a hold on me going to class. My room mates damaged things in the apartment and until it was paid for I could not go to class. The classes were long hours of nothing, if you had questions you were basically told to read your books. The teachers had their favorites and if you were not a favorite you were on your own. The school would not let me use the money for my loans where i wanted. I could only use my loan money for the bookstore in the school. The books had the AI seal on them so they could not be resold to other students once i finished a class. The books were also overpriced. The money I didn't use in the book store, would be kept. They would not give it to me or back to the bank. I was told they could keep it. The money that was for my lunch had to be used at the school restaurant. If i didn't use the money each quarter they would keep whatever was left over. The RA that was supposed to keep student housing in order did not do there job, If they were friends with students they ignored the rule breaking. I stayed in a two bedroom apartment. The rent was 500.00 per person 4 of us in total at first. 2000.00 for us to live there. But when i got new room mates that were paying out of pocket to live there, there rent was 700.00 dollars!!! How does this work? Also if you went home for vacation and your room mates stay and throw a party, you get in trouble even though you didn't know about it. The school also allows it student to plagiarize work and get graded for it. I have seen student steal ideas and trace other work. I even had my work stolen by a classmate. When i complained they did nothing. She even got a better grade then me. After being there for 2 quarters I found out that people were getting fired for stealing money from the school. Then their rumors started that the school was not accredited. I was told by my teachers my credits would not transfer to any other school that I had to stay there and compete my degree or my money would just be wasted. I felt lied to, alone, money spent, not learning anything accept for the bare basics that i could have taught myself. So i gave up. Just gave up and fell into a depression. I just ended up leaving the school. I couldn't take it anymore. ever since then I have been through hell. I struggled to stay in charlotte, to pay bills. I had crappy job after crappy job, not enough to live off. I've been homeless twice. moved several times and my credit is done. I owe 74,000.00 dollars for two years of poor education. I need help. I don't feel like I should have to pay the loans plus interest back. Im 23 years old with ruined credit. I have been turned down by jobs because of my credit. I don't know what to do but sign this and hope someone does something.

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