THE ARREST of Justin Trudeau

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Rid Canada of a corrupt Prime minister Justin E. TRUDEAU who is in dereliction of duty regarding the covid-19 pandemic, in that he with held valuable information from January to March, of which he was informed of BY MILITARY INTELLIGENCE that a pandemic was building and kept he that information from his own government and the opposition, causing thousands of deaths and total destruction of the economy of Canada.

Trudeau has lied to the Canadian people about everything he has promised.

He is changing the ideology of Canada against the will of Canadian Citizens.

He has misappropriated billions of tax payer dollars with out approval.  He has broken laws and has not been brought to justice.

He conives with dubious characters who advise him on next steps.

He fired the Justice Minister on unlawful grounds, as she was doing her job correctly, and he wanted his way which was against the legalities. Not to mention the Health Minister who was doing her job, and also backed the Justice Minister on her ethical conduct.

The canadian people str undeserving of a corrupt leader who lied to them and is destroying our country.  He must be removed.


MS Lucki must also be removed as commissioner of the RCMP as an accomplice to Trudeau and his team of corrupt and dangerous people.