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Arora Hills Board of Directors reconsider rule on "hard ball" activities in common areas.

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On March 23, 2017 the Arora Hills HOA Board of Directors approved the proposed new master rules. One particular item that was added with this approval was the banning of any activity involving a "hard ball" in the community common areas.

Approved language:

"Members and their guests are prohibited from using any residential HOA Area for recreational purposes for any activity which involves the use of baseballs, softballs, golf balls, or similar hard balls. Any Member that observes a violation of this restriction must report it to the management office within 24 hours of the occurrence of the violation, either in writing or electronically, for processing in accordance with in accordance with the Enforcement Procedures set forth in these Master Rules."

This particular addition was brought up at the meeting as being overly restrictive and not conducive to a child and family-friendly community that Arora Hills has become accustomed to and strives to be. It was suggested that if the rule could not be removed, that the language be updated and changed to include such qualifiers as "unsupervised" or "organized games". Even though there was overwhelming support for removing the proposed rule or at least updating this very vague and restrictive language by homeowners in attendance, it was still passed by the Board.

Though the initial concern is damage to property, this rule, as written would prevent families from using the common areas for even playing catch with their own children. Furthermore, the vagueness of the rule could be applied to activities that would otherwise prove harmless and may be part of children and families playing. Understanding that a large number of homes in our community are town homes or single family with little or no open yard, our children and families rely upon the ability to use the common areas for reasonable recreation. Additionally, many current homeowners made their purchases based on the prospect of using these areas for just this sort of recreation.

The rules created by the HOA are intended to protect the property values of our community. By placing such an overly restrictive rule in place, it can be argued that such a rule could potentially hurt property values by turning off and losing homebuyers who may not be inclined to purchase in our neighborhood with such rules limiting normal and healthy family activities.

It is asked that the Arora Hills HOA Board of Directors immediately reconsider this rule and investigate less restrictive wording or completely remove the rule.

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