Change in Christmas Decorating Policy at Holy Cross Cemetaries in Los Angeles County

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The Los Angeles County Catholic Archdiocese sets the Policy for the Catholic owned Holy Cross Cemeteries. Every Christmas season thousands of families visit and decorate the resting places of their loved ones. Imagine walking up and finding your departed loved ones decorated gravesite has been disassembled and put in a pile because your tree was six inches too tall or you outlined the gravesite with garland or placed a small decorative fence. What’s even more upsetting is that you look around and there’s others that are also in compliance but they are still up. For some families Christmas is the only time of the year they all gather at the cemetery. The imposition of the Archdiocese strict regulations puts a damper on some of the family’s traditions. I always thought the church was about peace, love and family and togetherness but I guess that only pertains when they’re collecting your weekly tithes. As a Native American this control by the Catholic Church deeply affects me and I’m sure many others. First they stole our land in the name of the church, forced our Ancestors into Christianity, tried to destroy our culture and languages and now they dictate how we decorate our Ancestors resting places that mind you we had to purchase. Next thing you know they’ll be burying us in mass unmarked graves that they can cover with houses, parking lots and malls. I urge you to sign and share this petition so that the Archdiocese can give us a better response than the one they gave to today’s newscast. The only thing I got out of it was that their restrictions were for public safety. I find that so ridiculous due to the condition of the un level gravestones. They should be fixing those instead of coming up with restrictions for our decorating not to mention the limits on music, mariachis and other ways we say goodbye to our loved ones.

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