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It is time for Christians to stand up and say that the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda is not what Jesus would want. We are told to love our neighbour as ourselves, to love mercy, not to cast the first stone unless we are sinless ourselves - and that if we think we have no sin we deceive ourselves. The church in Uganda may think that the persecution of gay people for simply being gay is what God wants, but we are asking you, Archbishop, to exercise your pastoral authority over this member of your communion, and to tell them that this is not what being a Christian means.

Please don't let this atrocity pass in silence. Please do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen, up to and including the threat of removal from the Anglican Communion if they go ahead. There are hundreds and thousands of innocent people at risk. Please do not be guilty of abandoning them by doing nothing.

Letter to
The Archbishop of Canterbury
Tell Uganda to stop the 'kill the gays' bill