The city of New Westminster & Anvil Centre Should Stop Censorship of Freedom of Speech

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Kari Simpson
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The Redeemed Christian Church of God BC (Grace Chapel)  in New Westminster  has had its Annual Get-A-Grip Teen’s and Youth Conference which was booked for July 21, 2018 and fully paid for, cancelled by the Anvil Centre and  the City of New Westminster recently without just cause.   The theme of the conference is "LET GOD BE TRUE" (LGBT) based on Romans 3:4

The purpose of the conference is to teach Teens & Youths about Sexual Identity and Sexual Purity from a Biblical perspective using the word of God. The conference was never meant  to attack any group, individual or group of individuals.

The reasons given for the cancellation by the Anvil Centre Management was that one of the speakers for the conference was regarded as a controversial character  and that she promotes hate speech.  Nothing could be further from the the truth. The individual in question simply have different views than that of the LBGTQ community.

Let us stand up for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression and Stop Censorship by the Anvil Centre and the City of New Westminster