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Immediately amend your petition goal to one million signatures

Petition No. 1: The Daily Telegraph, a newspaper published in Sydney of the State of New South Wales in Australia by the news giant known in Australia by the name "News Limited" (which is part of the most powerful or one of the most powerful media groups in the English-speaking world), launched a petition on on 12 September 2012 (at about 6 p.m., Sydney time) with the (incredibly timid and ridiculous) goal of gathering ONLY one hundred signatures "to push for Twitter to be obligated to work with authorities when these cowards have broken the law" (quoted words are taken from The Daily Telegraph's petition as published on   After reading this online petition of The Daily Telegraph on and its goal of 100 signatures, I could not believe my eyes and had to rub my eyes again and read it again, and again, to make sure that this published goal of 100 signatures was real.   And I began to wonder: these 100 people wanted "to push Twitter" to do what ?   Is this a comical story such as (hypothetically) "President Saddam Hussein [while he was still President of Iraq] petitioning on for 100 signatures to push a United States Court to issue a warrant to arrest the President of USA for crimes against Iraq" whereby Saddam's millions of staff, officers and their friends/relatives/associates/agents could easily produce over one million signatures on such a petition with just an order from Saddam ?   Certainly there must be more than 100 full-time staff working for The Daily Telegraph to fulfil the goal of 100 signatures within perhaps less than 10 minutes of an order from some powerful person inside The Daily Telegraph or the News Limited.   Correct or not ? Such a petition with such a goal (of 100 signatures. and no more) had thus shown how little confidence The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) had about its own powers and influence among Australians.   The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) had effectively and publicly insulted itself with such a goal of 100 signatures, and no more.   I therefore petitioned in an earlier but similar version published 12 September 2012 on The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited of which it is part) to better respect itself than their (then) goal of 100 signatures had shown and to respect its own powers and influence in Australia to increase its petition goal from 100 to one million signatures to show that it is confident of itself.   This will also show that The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) is deadly serious about its own petition now launched on against Twitter.   After I had launched an earlier but similar version of this petition on, many users of Twitter as well as The Daily Telegraph soon became aware of my petition for The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) to amend its goal to one million signatures.   Because of that, The Daily Telegraph has already amended its petition goal to 500 signatures instead when I looked at its petition again on 13 September 2012 (at about 5:30 p.m., Sydney time).  Nonetheless, The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) is still resisting my petition for its goal to be set in a less comical and more professional manner (e.g.   "to push Twitter" and therefore change the internet world accordingly with one million signatures).   This inexplicable resistance of The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) to act in a less comical manner is good evidence that The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) has little or no confidence in the success of its own petition.  The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) must have known well in advance that its petition is not going to be very popular with netizens.  It would appear its petition is not really meant to be done as a professional job by the most powerful and influential (or one of the most powerful and influential) news organization in the English-speaking world.  Its petition may perhaps be intended as a harassment of Twitter with a view to hurt the reputation of Twitter instead.  We should therefore petition The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) to amend its goal to one million signatures to show the world that it is deadly serious about its own campaign against Twitter.  The Daily Telegraph (and the News Limited) must show the world that it is not running a senseless harassment and defamation campaign against another media organization (i.e. Twitter).

Petition No. 2: By the way, who is that incredibly lazy man or woman that is the leader of this anti-Twitter campaign calling for only 100 Australians (in the earlier but similar version) to support him or her in a campaign of such immence consequence to the whole world currently informed by Twitter ? I hereby petition the News Limited and The Daily Telegraph not to further allow this man or woman to remain anonymous and operate such an anonymous campaign against Twitter. I petition his or her name to be immediately released and published by The Daily Telegraph/News Limited. He or she will go down in history as either a great villain or a hero and there is therefore absolutely no reason for him or her to remain anonymous whilst leading such a campaign of very serious consequence to the whole world. This person must have the courage to show his/her face to all those who oppose him/her, stand out at the top of his/her crowd of supporters and lead. Otherwise this person is not a fit and proper person to operate such an important campaign that is going to change the whole world in this internet age.

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