Justice for the animals at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

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This petition is for the animals at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, who again find themselves in a very unfortunate situation. The reign of terror has not come to an end yet and seemingly, has gotten worse. 

Over 120 cats have already lost their lives due to the ignorance and negligence of some staff and board members. The cats are dying of distemper and allegedly there have been some cases of ringworm and giardia. 

They are not vaccinating on intake, they are not doing a quarantine,and they are not cleaning properly or using any type of precautions. It’s a horrible situation and it's very real. Griffin Pond is uneducated, careless and have caused so many animals to suffer. It needs to be shut down and completely revamped. The entire board needs to be fired  and replaced, as well as charged with animal cruelty for failing to provide medical care to the animals, and neglect. Any pet owner would be charged and fined.

Based on their financial records, they are fully capable of paying for vaccines, tests, etc. They are aware they need to vaccinate, quarantine and clean properly. They have also known for 2 months that the cats were sick. They did not try to contain or treat the illness. They continued to adopt out and transfer animals to other rescues knowing that many animals were sick and dying from contagious infectious diseases. They have clearly neglected their duties to an astounding degree.

Griffin Pond was advised by Cornell to hire a professional cleaning company to come in and clean from top to bottom, but one of the staff members said that Griffin Pond staff would do it themselves. They are not capable of cleaning that shelter out as well as a professional company. Unfortunately pride and ego still continue to hold preference over the actual care of the animals. 

Griffin Pond also has plans to build a veterinary clinic. That means that they would have to hire a veterinarian as well as vet techs and other staff members. All of this money they are using to build and staff this clinic could be used to build more cages, or buy more supplies for the animals, or get all of these sick and dying animals vet care right now. There is an emergency veterinary clinic just a few miles down the road. There is no need for Griffin Pond to waste money on building another one. 

As a community we need to rally together to clean house again and make Griffin Pond a safe place for animals again. The animals are counting on us!

Our purpose and what we need to achieve with this petition are as follows:

-Replace the current board and/or change the culture of secrecy and isolation so the animals who are supposed to be cared for are treated with respect and dignity. 

-Open up the care of these animals to the WHOLE community, and not reject caring, knowledgeable volunteers that help make an animal’s stay there less stressful.

- Remember the mission of the shelter and to put that mission as priority #1, not egos or power.              

-We are asking that a state investigation be initiated against the Board of Directors of Griffin Pond.