Demand the Red Cross respond to the Immigrant Children

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Many citizens are shocked and outraged by the war that is taking place against immigrants who are seeking asylum in this country.  These individuals came to our borders hoping to find safety for their children, only to have them taken away to be caged and neglected.  These children have been taken hostage and have become prisoners of a war whose objective is to fulfill the current administration's wishes.  As prisoners of war, it is the Red Cross'  purpose to investigate their well being, and to ensure that their needs - including essential care, are met.  
We the people of America, many of whom have donated to the Red Cross when children of other countries have been in peril, strongly recognize the peril these children are facing.  We urge the Red Cross to demand access to these children to ensure their safety and well being.  Barring returning the children to their parents, we will not accept anything less.