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So your feeling personally attacked by all this kneeling going on and want it to stop right?!

Well this petition is here to solve just that problem. Your tired of seeing people kneel during your beautiful anthem of God and Country and boycotting the American flag. It hurts you to see such things. I get it and I'm here to help you out.

We can certainly make this happen and put an end to this NFL/Anthem/Flag boycott right now. How dare people not scream, yell, fight each other, riot or cause a physical disturbance in order to protest something. Why would they choose to peacefully kneel instead of causing a ruckus like angry sports fans do! Its so upsetting that the only way they choose to protest does not involve them being out of sight, silent and dead so as to not upset nor disturb nor discomfort everyone who should want to rid this country of bigotry, racism and improperly trained and abusive LEO's.


Here's what this petition will accomplish. It will display a list of names publically that will fight against racism AND support all legislation that agrees to re-train current LEO's and give adequate training time to new LEO's. This list will also allow those kneeling to now stand in union and love with everyone else as we fight bigotry together as a country. WE CAN DO THIS!

Steps to end kneeling:
1. Sign this petition
2. Help pass legislation that bans the KKK from this country. PERIOD.
3. Put confederate objects and symbols in a museum where they belong
4. Help pass legislation that regulates Police training, not for racial purposes but because 90 days of training and then being handed a badge and gun is just A REALLY BAD IDEA.
5. Stop the false narrative that Good cops who don't report bad cops still makes them good cops.
6. Stop the false narrative that Cops are generally just racist when in fact most of them are just improperly trained and they should not be abusing citizens of ANY RACE, RELIGION or CREED. PERIOD. They should do their jobs like THE REST OF THE COUNTRY.
7. Help start programs where LEO's must do community service within the communities they serve at least once a month.

WE GOT YOU! This kneeling will stop immediately if all above is addressed and with your help we finna be LIT.

Creatively yours,
The population that is American but only when it's convenient and we stay in our place.

"Rascism is so American that when we protest Racism the average American assumes we're protesting America..." - Author UnKnown

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