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Stop investing in Wall Street and the Big Banks.

It has become painfully obvious that our government is going to do nothing about all these wall street fraud cases, because there are no cases! The SEC has destroyed all the paperwork!
I urge you to sell all your stock and refuse to buy anymore until there are true investigations into these rampant cases of fraud and insider trading that have destroyed our economy.
Cash in your 401k’s and money market accounts. Remove yourself from these corrupt investments.
If this causes a stock market crash, so be it, they brought it on themselves.
The fraud cases against the Big Banks were dropped, just look up bank fraud on the web.
I am calling on all American’s to remove their accounts from the Big Banks, place them instead with your small local banks and savings and loans or co-op’s. Better yet buy a safe and invest in silver or other precious metals, paper money will soon be worthless.
We may have no say in bailing them out, but we can starve them out!   It is time we stood up for ourselves if we want any justice, we will get none from our crooked politicians!
We the People must stand together to fight this corruption before it is too late, the Federal Reserve System must end!

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