Pledge to join the rent strike if 20 million signatures are reached.

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Breana Briney
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There are about 130 million households in the US and between 30-40 million people are at risk of eviction because the government shut down businesses, cost us millions of jobs and bailed out corporations instead of the people. The eviction courts are going to have trouble enforcing evictions. Let’s make this a nightmare for them and the corrupt politicians who refuse to pass relief bills.

Do not withhold rent/mortgage payments unless 20 million signatures are reached AND the signal is given. If this goes viral then many organizations will be working together to strengthen commitment, provide eviction blockade teams and set the date for the strike. Labor strikes may also accompany this movement.

Reach out to your neighbors and your local tenant union and other people powered organizations. Search for “your city or state” tenant union and see which accounts come up. Here are some Twitter accounts you should follow. They are not affiliated with this petition but they are working to unite people against corporate interests.


Demands: (I will update these as suggestions come in)

  1. Cancel rent and mortgages until the pandemic is over. Retroactive from March 2020.
  2. Publicly financed elections. No more corporate money!
  3. Medicare For All
  4. Universal Basic Income retroactive from March 2020.
  5. Expand public housing until no one is homeless and upgrade the quality of public housing. 
  6. Enact policy to strengthen labor unions and tenant unions.
  7. Implement “Swiss Neutrality” and cut the defense budget to $300 billion a year. We’d still have the most powerful military with the biggest budget in the world.
  8. Criminal justice reform. End qualified immunity and ban police unions! Implement a new policing system that prioritizes rehabilitation and social services instead of incarceration. 
  9. Equal education. Funding for low income districts should match that of high income districts.