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Pledge to not vote for any politician that signs the Norquist pledge

The Americans for Tax Reform anti-tax pledge pushed by Grover Norquist has terrorized American politics for far too long by polarizing political parties and hindering the political process. Essentially, this pledge removes reason from the decision making process, creating a litmus test for all legislation regardless of the consequences. The only winners end up being the lobby group itself and radical conservatives - it's time for the American People to draw their own line in the sand and say: "We are no longer allowing ourselves to be victims to the special-interest elites. We are taking back Congress and taking back our Country. The United States of America is a government run By the People and For the People - not a club of radical hard-liners backed by special interest lobby groups funded by the corporate elite. We will not vote for any politician that can't make their own decisions and follows a pledge that goes against the grain of the American political system and the people it is supposed to represent."  This is the same for any pledge that will polarize and divide.

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