Investigate the DNC and Media for inciting riots, hate crimes.

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 Hold the DNC and Mainstream Media accountable for the corruption and destruction of America. The DNC and Hillary Clinton have colluded with mainstream media to stoke racial tensions, leading to civil unrest. There is documented evidence of the DNC working with mainstream media (MSM) to paint Donald Trump and his supporters as racist bigots. These people have to be confronted and brought to justice. If an investigation finds sufficient evidence, they can have criminal charges brought against them.

What does this mean for us as a country? This means that political support is now grounds for hate crimes. We have all seen the evidence of Clinton supporters violently attacking Trump supporters. This has been caused by an unfair portrayal of Trump and his supporters. MSM daily portrayals of Trump as a racist bigot have colored the public opinion to such an extent that we now have riots and physical attacks on Trump supporters. There are videos and stories of Trump supporters attacked for no other reason than supporting Trump. Mothers are evicting children for a mock vote in school, in which Trump was voted for. These are almost unconscious acts, spurred on by brainwashing of the populace by MSM, in collaboration with Clinton.

The White House has also failed to condemn the riots and acts of violence, which is tantamount to supporting hate crimes. The DNC, Clinton and Obama have not come forward to denounce the actions of Clinton supporters. Obama has shown open support for the methods of BLM, which include violence and harassment. The White House is supposed to condemn hate crimes and civil unrest, as it has done since its inception. They are supposed to be the bastions of support and reason in a society that can often get emotional and out of control. The failure of the White House, DNC, and Hillary Clinton to stop these acts only shows just how much they have vested in seeing Clinton in the White House, again.

Clinton supporters are now pushing to force the Electoral College electors to change their vote to Clinton. This is an overt subversion of our constitutional rights to a fair election. This tells the world, and our children, that we don't have to abide by the rule of law in our country. The 12th amendment was created to ensure that we have a fair election process in our country, and subverting it should not be allowed to pass.

Clinton supporters have taken to the streets to fight what they believe to be an injustice to the electoral system. They are destroying public and private property. They are violently attacking political opponents. The proterrorists have been led to believe, by the MSM, that an election was stolen from them. They have been shown nothing but negative coverage of Trump and his supporters, leading them to believe that Trump will ruin our nation. They show an ignorance to the way our legislative and executive branches work, instead being led by MSM in cooperation with the DNC.

Clinton is on record making racist comments just as bad, if not worse, than some Trump has made. None of these comments made it into the MSM news feeds. Clinton supported building the wall in 2005. Not in the MSM. Clinton is on record as being absolutely against illegal immigrants. Not in the MSM.  Clinton is on record as saying that a KKK recruiter was her mentor and taught her everything! NOT IN THE MSM!  Louis Farrakhan, a powerful and influential black Muslim, is on record supporting Trump. Not seen on the news. The list goes on and on. This again shows the collaboration between the DNC and its proxies, the MSM.

All of this EVIDENCE goes to show that the DNC, White House, and Clinton have caused a racial divide, division, hate crimes, and civil unrest through overt and covert support of an agenda that is unconstitutional. It CANNOT be argued that the proterrorist actions are those of the people alone. These people have been goaded and coached into this action. They are being financed by organizations with an anti-Trump agenda.

Hillary Clinton, the MSM, and the DNC MUST be taken to task for their actions. We have to sue them for damages to public and private property. We have to investigate them for hate crimes. We have to investigate them for supporting terrorist actions. We have to investigate them for manipulation of the media to further their agenda. We have to investigate them for constitutional violations.  We now live in a country where we cannot express our political opinion for fear of repercussion and that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. 

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