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Help snuff out poverty and create our own "Bail-Out" system

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" Hi, my name is Joy House and like so many of you I have not been able to become gainfully employed in over three years. Now I find myself in some pretty dire straights sitting here in Allegany County Jail -(No they do not allow social networking in jail, I had to have my family post this for me.)- for failure to be able to pay my child support, which has accrued to monumental proportions. And of course this is just one facet of my financial woes, hence this letter.
Sitting here separated from my husband and our 18 month old son, I have found myself not too proud to beg. All I am asking for is one dollar. That is one dollar from as many people as can spare it.
Should this campaign prove succassful, and enough people are willing to give, I would also like to spread the wealth - and the hope - by creating the "One Dollar A Week To Fight Poverty Foundation". This has the potential to be EPIC!
For instance, if one million people across America pledged to give one dollar a week for a year, just $52.00, it would give 10.2 families in EACH STATE $100,000.00 for a brand new start. How far could that go toward possibly removing hundreds from welfare lines, or keeping them from losing their homes, or solving any of the other countless problems concerning money - or the lack there of - in today's flimsy economy? Not to mention what it would do to boost local economies.
So, what do you say, shall we band together and help ourselves to help each other. We could create our own "bail-out" system. I for one would like to be able to meet my legal - and moral - obligations and go home to my family!
If you can help, PLEASE drop a dollar into an envelope and mail it:

c/o Bonita House
7636 County Route 20
Bradford, NY 14815

Our Most Sincere Thanks,
The House Family"

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