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Don't secede from the U.S., secede from the parties destroying the U.S.

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Until there is true political reform that will allow the United States of America to properly address and solve the nation's economic problems, we can not move into the future confidently.
In order to realize the political reform our nation needs so that we can enjoy greater access to the process, set term limits on various or all offices, and implement strict campaign finance reform, we need to break the stranglehold the Republican and Democratic parties have on us.
Rather than addressing and solving the problems of our nation in a manner that answers to their constituency, the two major parties continue to work together out of session to maintain a great divide while in session.
By dividing themselves, they divide us. By dividing us, they ensure they will remain in power which is their main goal.
We must take this power from them and create an even playing field that allows for greater and easier ballot access, political party qualification, and reduced influence from corporate donors and PAC's.
We must return the United States of America to the people that gives her life. We must return a land of law to a land of justice. We must unify in order to prosper.
It is for this reason I have chosen to not sign a petition to secede from the United States of America, as is popular these days, but to ask you to secede from the parties to which you belong if you feel they are not just letting you down, but your country.
Sign the petition and find a party that will work for political reform in 2014 and one that has the answers to our economic problems. Other issues are important too, but it is futile to approach any other issue until the political process is reformed and a better economy has put a little money in your pocket.

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