Constitution Amendment Article 2 Section 1

Constitution Amendment Article 2 Section 1

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Shirley Albertson started this petition to The American People

Dear Sir/Madam,

Bucket list: The right to vote for the president of United States of America!

I am an octogenarian born in the USA, and, although I have voted in all most all elections, from bond issues to the general elections, I have never had the right to vote for the president of the USA. 

Before you call me crazy, please check the Constitution Article 2 Section 1 beginning with paragraph two. "The state legislatures shall appoint electors equal to the number of congressional representatives of that state. Only the electors are allowed to vote for the president. Not you or I!

Early on, as political parties started to develop, state legislatures started to pick a Slate of Electors for each candidate. This gave and still gives voters the false impression that they are "voting" for the president. Like in poker, the winning state gets ALL the votes, no matter how you "voted".

This creates the "magic number": 218 electoral votes. This is why "votes" in such states as Ohio and Florida are more important than "votes" in other states, especially in the West. Most importantly, this explains how the president is "declared elected" before many of the "votes", especially in the Western state, are counted, even before electors vote.

Why Electors? In the late 1780's there were no trains, autos, telephones, planes, televisions, computers, internet or smartphones. Many Americans, especially in rural areas, had little idea of who was running for president.

In 2016, thanks to modern transportation and communication plus billions of dollars, Americans were bombarded with information about all presidential candidates. Most Americans made up their minds and marked their ballots for the candidate that they thought they were voting for. The constitutional reality is that they were voting for a Slate of Electors ( the names of the Electors were not printed on my ballot), and not for candidates printed on the ballot. Which candidate got the most votes does not matter, because only Electors can vote for the president of the USA.

As a 21st century American, I do not need nor want a small group of unknown people to vote for me in the race for President. Several times in our history, the electors made a man President, who did not receive the most "votes" of the all people. So why was the Constitution not amended years ago? It is easy to blame on the politicians, but the real fault is ours as the ordinary citizens.

Can we amend the Constitution? Yes! The authors of the Constitution knew that they were only human and therefore wrote Article 5. "or, on the application of the
Legislatures of two third of the Several States shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments ... shall be valid... when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourth of the several States". 

Wow! That sounds impossible. Will the legislatures even pay attention? If even a fraction of the people who thought they voted  for their candidate in the presidential election would let their state Legislatures know - calls, letters, emails, etc. that they want them to call a Convention to Amend so that they, not electors, can vote for president. The legislators will listen because they want to be re-elected.

Our founders declared their independence from the British Empire, because they did not want a small group of unknown people making decisions for them. It looked impossible for 13 loosely organized colonies who did not even have a well trained and well equipped army to defeat the greatest nation on earth. They did! We can amend the Constitution because this is the same issue: the right of ordinary people to choose their leader.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to call me at 480-838-2710 or via my email:

Thank you very much for your time and kind attention in this important matter.


Shirley Albertson


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