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The American Government: hold off on strikes against Syria until the Inspector's Report is in.

Here in America, our judicial duty is that we do not punish until there is proven guilt. This is where our very INTEGRITY lies. Once we stop adhering to this, we cease to be America; as ANY of us have known America to be. If war is to come again then please, let it at least not be in haste and without the correct procedure. Haven't we been there before? Iraq's "nuclear weapons" come to mind. This can not become common. I IMPLORE you all. We're a nation that has charged itself with upholding justice, we don't shoot first and ask questions later. Sources say the report can take about a week. Until then, the world will have it's eyes on Syria, but for now, it is of UTMOST importance, that if we ARE going to do this strike, we do it the right way, or perhaps someday lend ourselves to receive the same damning judgement at someone else's hand.

Find the guilty through the proper channels, then take action accordingly. Any other process is criminal.

Even if Washington doesn't listen to us here, there will be a record to say that the American People were not of a single mind with our administration in this decision.

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