Demand U.S. Government Accountability to the Law

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Christopher Julian
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This is about a broken American Justice System. It's about Justice for all  Americans. The U.S. Government  silently behind closed doors in the dark of night through multiple acts of treason, over decades, turned Due Process and Equal Justice into  entitlements which Government deemed too costly to provide the American People. They simply decided they could not afford to fund the Judiciary to provide it. This Country began because, Britain denied these rights to the colonist. In 1991 it was eliminated in the US without the people's knowledge or consent. I've tried for seven years to be heard, by courts, Congress, and two Presidents. They refuse to even acknowledge the request. I'm asking the American People only for the opportunity to be heard before a jury of citizens. This is supposed to be the Constitutional right of everyone. Every citizen who believes in justice for all must demand The US Government all branches stand trial for treason. They've turned our corrupted Government into the un accountable KING. I'm ready willing, able, to prosecute and the evidence is on public display. For All Those who deserve justice in America please support this petition.