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The American Chestnut Tree was once a towering tree species with the ability to grow over 80 feet tall with a diameter of approximately 5 feet. Its wood was ideal in making furniture, as it was very lightweight and rot-resistant.  

However, the population of the American Chestnut Tree has been on a steady decline ever since the introduction of a devastating fungal disease (referred to as the chestnut blight) in North America around the year 1904. The blight impacted the American Chestnut severely, diminishing its initial population by approximately 4 billion until it reached its current critically endangered state. Now the species only grows to a fraction of its original size, as the blight attacks the main portion of the tree and leaves its roots, which are able to grow into sprouts, but which eventually succumb to the disease.

The once abundant American Chestnut used to have a large role in the ecosystems of the forests it inhabited, as its nutritiously dense chestnuts served as a food source for many wildlife species ranging from bears to birds. As well, as trees in general help with climate change by reducing the amount of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere, restoring the American Chestnut population will also benefit the environment.

 Only a small portion of the general population are aware of the species and its critically endangered state. Though organizations such as The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) are conducting research and are currently using various methods and technology to restore the population, many are not aware of the situation.

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