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The Allen County (Ohio) Fair Board: Stop the use of Bengal tigers at the 2013 Allen County Fair


LIMA, OHIO — The Allen County Fair's General Manager, David Grimm, announced that Bengal tigers will be featured at the 2013 Allen County Fair (ACF) located in Lima, Ohio. Eight tigers will be brought to the small fair to do 3 shows per day, each a half hour long.

Bengal tigers have been classified as an endangered species by The International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2010. These exotic animals were not created to be crated, controlled, and exploited under a tent, for the entertainment of humans. It is cruel and inhumane treatment of wild animals. Without our voices, these animals cannot be heard. The Allen County Fair is supporting the captivity, mistreatment and exploitation of Bengal tigers for entertainment by hosting this event at the upcoming ACF in August of 2013.

Please consider signing this petition and calling the ACF Genral Manager David Grimm at 419-228-7141. Be the voice for these beautiful, exploited, Bengal tigers and tell the ACF Board to cancel this act. Thank you!

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  • General Manager at the Allen County Fair
    David F. Grimm, CFE
  • Office Manager at ACF
    Sue Butcher

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