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Change the law so 16 year olds can only be with 19 yr olds, not 23

Currently Florida law allows a 16 year old to legally "be with" a 23 year old. First of all, a 23 year old really has nothing in common with a 16 or 17 year old. However, this kind of relationship also opens up the door for disaster, including abuse of alcohol. I have a 16 year old daughter who's boyfriend is 23. She has run away with him to North Dakota and dropped out of high school. This grown adult "man", should not be legally allowed to influence a teenage girl. There are enough opportunities for teenagers in our current society. Being negatively influenced by an adult who can purchase alcohol is asking for more trouble, case in point my daughter.  Not only are adult men able to purchase alcohol for these teen girls, but there is NO doubt that they will persuade them into sexual relationships earlier then she may want.  We all know that young girls are more easily influenced, so why allow them to legally date an adult man??  This law needs to be changed so young teen age girls can not be negatively influenced by adult men!!!  


Florida CHANGE THE LAW to the legal age of no higher then age 20!!!

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